What Things Can You Do Besides Skiing On a Ski Holiday?

When a skiing trip is brought up for a holiday suggestion in the past, you might have turned down the notion of this due to the fact that you have never tried skiing before and think of all the money and time spent on preparing the holiday as a gamble. Although skiing is obviously a pretty big part of the trip, it’s the be all and end all of the holidays as there are many activities which surround it that tie in with ski culture. That’s why we have decided to create a list of all the other activities that you can do at ski resorts that don’t involve skiing.

Après Ski

Although you think skiing all day is a bit of a commitment, the reality is, you’ll only be out on the slopes for roughly 4 hours before it’s time for après ski. If you aren’t aware of what après ski is, it’s basically the time of day when the number of people skiing starts to decline and the number of people doing other activities starts to build, usually people will start hitting the bars which are in and around the ski resort. This is a usual occurrence at around 3 pm.

Taste local foods

One of the benefits of going to destinations such as France for a ski resort is that in and around you’ll have lots of options to try amazing new dishes and delicacies which you haven’t yet had the pleasure of tasting. Skiing destinations are famously renowned for having restaurants which supply great food with equally lovely environments for groups of families and friends to chill out after an eventful day and reflect upon everything which happens with each other.

Use the spa to relax

Due to ski resorts often looking to supply their guests with a luxurious stay, a spa is usually an accessible feature for most ski resorts. After you’ve been out learning how to ski, improving upon your skills sometimes all you want is a few hours of relaxation before going out and starting social activities and the ski is the perfect place to bring you back to life. It’s the perfect cure for any sore muscles or trying to get yourself back to life after a particularly wild après ski session.

It doesn’t have to be skiing you do on the slopes

Although skiing is extremely enjoyable, so is traveling down the slopes on other objects. This is a great opportunity to have a little fun, as you can have the chance to travel down the mountain not only on sleds but a tube! Snow tubing has gotten extremely popular at ski resorts with kids and young adults. It’s a little like going water tubing except on ice with much more clothes on!

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What is your favorite things to do whilst on a skiing holiday, is it skiing or is it bobsledding, building snowmen, après ski, enjoying the local food, husky rides? Or simply just spending time with family or friends?

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