Why is travelling good for you?


Traveling is easier than you think. People often get stressed when they go travelling, some people don’t even get a chance to go travelling but everyone should be able to travel and explore this beautiful plan with ease. Its important for everyone to see whats out there!

Here is why traveling is important:-

  1. It will open your eyes! if you’re willing to see and explore new things travel will make you a better human all round!
  2. Traveling helps you find yourself. You’ll get plenty of time to think and you will probably come across loads of challenges and opportunities in your ways which will help!
  3. Create new relationships! the people you meet abroad and on your travels will be some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. They often become a reason to visit somewhere later on in your travels too!
  4. Learn new skill! – your bound to have to do something new along the way – whether thats learning to use chop sticks or go scuba diving in Tenerife!
  5. Keeps the Mind Sharp – when you go to new environments and experience new things you will build resilience.
  6. Enhances Creativity – This is why a lot of writers travel to different places – they’re looking for inspiration and motivation which u can find in your surroundings. For example JK rowlings harry potter has so many influences from Edinburgh or her train journey from manchester which sparked the idea for the book itself!
  7. Food ideas – Think about all the new meals you can try!
  8. You’ll get lots of good stories to tell, imagine saying something along the lines of “last year in south africa”.. instant party points!
  9. Travel broadens your perspectives!  Watching how other cultures live can free your mind and show you other ways of living
  10. It certainly beats staying at home!



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