How to make the airport more enjoyable

The airport is a funny one, sometimes its fine and you don’t actually mind it then sometimes its an absolute nightmare. When it goes bad it seems to really go bad and one thing happens after another. Whether thats parking nightmares, transfers being late, security are being nuisances, the lines are longer than you would like them to be, your flight gets delayed or the worst your case is too heavy and you need to get rid of some stuff or pay extra fees are just some of the things that can go wrong.

I remember when going to the airport was an adventure, full of new sights, sounds, smells that i didn’t experience much. Watching the planes take off or seeing the armed police walk about. Heck, even going through security was fun whereas now that is the part I dread the most. Just the whole experience about it makes you feel guilty and you’re worrying that you’ll be the one thats randomly selected or if the machine beeps.

So how can you your airport experience a fun and enjoyable one? or at least minimise the stress and boringness of it all. First thing to do if you want to have fun is go in with the right mindset. Try to convince yourself that the airport isn’t a horrible experience!

Next really consider what you wear for your trip to the airport. Try not wear things with zips that will make the machine bleep or laces on your shoes… but you also should nice, confident and smart… Keeping in mind you will want to be as comfortable as you possibly can.


Check in and security! don’t let these ruin your day.

Before you even leave the house know your airlines baggage/fees/checkin policies! and always plan for the worst case scenario. Sometimes you can be charged for being over weight or charged for not checking in before the airport. I was hit with a 32 euro fine in ibiza because i chose the early checkin method and then tried to checkin at the airport. I wasn’t happy! Some airlines let you go over weight in one bag if you ahve another bag with spare allowance. So if you have two bags on with 20kg each but one bag is 24kg and the other is 16k you will be fine. Others would charge you something like £10 per kg over.

You should also go in knowing your rights. Have a look online at what your air travel rights are – theres plenty of blogs about them!.

Be ready for airport security and have your ID and boarding passes ready. Remove your belts, shoes, jacket and put everything into baskets. Make sure electronics are in one basket and the rest in other ones.

Now with all that hassle over with you’re free to chill for a bit. Now remember this and i guarantee you’ll have a better time. The airport isn’t your enemy – the clock is. If you can find out how to kill the time between now and your flight leaving the runway you’ll be good to go!

Check out some of the free apps out there that can help you in the airport – Loungebuddy and Skytrax are good ones.


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