Vlogging tips from Travel Vloggers!

I love travelling and over the past few years I’ve started to record more and more Vlogs while traveling. Whats a Vlog? Vlog stands for video log, a blog in the form of a video!

Heres my tips to help you vlog more!

1 – Don’t film everything – I completely get that you don’t want to miss a single moment of your trip but doing so will just provide you with hundreds of hours of rubbish footage you don’t need. Those clips aren’t bad, they just probably won’t be what you’re looking for. If you go with the intention of enjoying yourself and whipping out your camera when you have that urge you’re most likely naturally going to take the best clips! You won’t be glued to your camera and will be living in the moment! Not only will you save time, your cameras battery but you’ll have a better experience!

2 – Personally I prefer to record my videos around an activity or place as opposed to doing Daily vlogs. I just think its more interesting and I’m not trying to force content or show you parts of my day that aren’t that great. You end up with a better video in the end!

3 – Everyone gets camera shy at one point but try show as much of you as you can! Get used to recording into the camera when theres other people around! Talk to the camera, give your perspective! Its your trip remember – tell us how it is.

4 – Heres one of the best tips i can give you… get more people in your Vlog! it makes it 10x more interesting and you’ll get some great funny clips too! Ask locals questions, other travellers if they want to join in! you’ll be bound to get a good clip.

5 – Try use the camera to show things from your point of view.. are you looking down at something? move the camera into position. Going diving? get a waterproof case and film underwater.

6 – Use music and edit your video to the music. Casey Neistat does an amazing job of this. Good audio will make your video seem much better! Also watch out for wind and other horrible noises you don’t want in your clips. You could look at an external audio recorder like a zoom and use a wind muff too.

7 – Keep a steady video! you don’t want to be shaky. People stop watching a shaky video or one thats out of focus. Just walk slower or make a conscious effort.

Just try have a great time! enjoy your trip and you’ll end up with some great memories.

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