How to Start Your Travel Journal

Writing a travel journey is a great way of making sure you remember amazing moments of your holiday. It can be a great way to trigger memories that you make from your travels. Give it a couple of years and the journal will be a fountain of nostalgia!

Right,  heres some tips to get you started!

Decide what medium you’re going to use

Most people love the idea of writing their stories in a book but if you want to travel it might be better doing it electronically by blogging or vloging. If you need some help getting started blogging you could write how-to blogs and help other travellers plan their journeys.


Once you’ve figured out what medium you want get out there and start travelling. Choose and place on the map and head there and as soon as you’ve left your front door start recording the journey.


Keep this in mind though! don’t just go to the best landmarks or sightseeing places. Spend time actually exploring the local culture, the lifestyle of the people living there… don’t just be a tourist. Explore. Try different foods, talk to the locals, head on a journey and do research about your destination!

What should I write?

Well what you say is really up to you but you need to figure out how you’re writing, is it formal? for fun? are you writing to keep your relatives up to date? the more you write the more you’ll find your style and enjoy what your recording.  Read your post a few times before you put it live! Remember when writing don’t reference stuff in a previous post without giving context.


Stay consistent. When it gets boring keep powering through! do more and more unusual stuff, change mediums! try vloging instead, bring in guests to write with you. Be different.




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