What to consider when you are travelling with lung cancer

Lung cancer affects 1 in 13 men and 1 in 17 women during the course of their lives. It is the third most common form of cancer in the UK and 130 cases are diagnosed every day. Though it’s a common disease, there is still a lot that people don’t know about how to deal with it. In this blog, we’re going to look at the implications of travelling when you have been diagnosed.

What Things Can You Do Besides Skiing On a Ski Holiday?

When a skiing trip is brought up for a holiday suggestion in the past, you might have turned down the notion of this due to the fact that you have never tried skiing before and think of all the money and time spent on preparing the holiday as a gamble. Although skiing is obviously a pretty big part of the trip, it’s the be all and end all of the holidays as there are many activities which surround it that tie in with ski culture. That’s why we have decided to create a list of all the other activities that you can do at ski resorts that don’t involve skiing.

Making the most of your business trip to Paris

The city of Paris is considered one of the most important cities in the world with many international organisations having a base here and a thriving commercial district. Some of the world’s best known and luxurious brands have their flagship stores or offices here from Chanel to Hermés and the famous luggage name, Louis Vuitton.  International events, concerts and sports occasions are often held in Paris attracting visitors from around the world.

The French capital is steeped in rich history, romance and culture that is evident on every street. From the art deco architecture to the striking dominance of the Eiffel Tower over the city, there is so much to see and do in exploring the city.

Often chosen as the number one European city to host offices, the vibrant business region of La Défense hosts world banks, commercial brands, universities and technological industries, Paris is a major hub for trade and commerce.

If you are visiting the city on business, make the most of your time in France to achieve your professional goals whilst experiencing one of the best cities in the world. Read our tips on how to have a successful corporate trip and soak up the Parisian culture while you are here.

Best foot forward

Ladies will understand the importance of wearing comfortable heels whilst looking good and feeling confident. Plan ahead for dashing across the city for business meetings by taking a large tote bag to slip in some pretty pumps – dress up with heels for that professional look then that you can slip on your flats for walking around in between meetings. After a long day at work, put on your flats to allow you wander the avenues and explore more of the city on feet – and all the while keeping your feet happy.


Stay in a hotel with business facilities

Save time and stress by booking accommodation that offers business amenities for guests. Source a hotel that can offer free Wi-Fi for you to catch up on emails and work – this will save you hunting around town for an internet café or bar. If you need a quiet work space to prepare for an important meeting or to complete a proposal document, a hotel with a designated business centre will be ideal for this purpose.  Some hotels such as Fraser Suites Harmonie La Défense understand their business guests really well and offer a variety of amenities for business visitors from daily newspapers, to in-suite smartphone in luxury serviced apartments, business centre with free to use computers and printers, complimentary Wi-Fi and concierge services. Staying in a hotel with their business guests are their heart will help save you previous time and leaving you to explore the city and its attractions.


Take time out

If your schedule allows, utilise some down time to go exploring and visit some of Paris’ best loved attractions. Many museums and art galleries are open late (21.30 hrs or later) at least once a week. This can allow you to work during the day and still experience the sights at night. However if you require a foreign language tour guide, this may be more difficult to source if you are visiting later in the day. A must-do is seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night – you can go all the way to the top for spectacular city views – its open until midnight meaning you won’t miss out while on your business trip.


Heres some ways to travel better


There is nothing better than going on a decent holiday but theres also nothing worse than one that goes wrong. Travel can be exhilarating, stressful, relaxing, life changing, amazing, inspiring, disappointing, boring, horrifying and so much more.. A seasoned traveller knows how to ensure that its more positive than negative! So heres some tips from a seasoned traveller and hopefully your time abroad will be a positive, enjoyable experience.

First things first, plan… know what your getting up to before going away. This will help you avoid disasters. Next make sure all your documentation, so passports, insurance, hotel information, flight information, emergency numbers are all packed and have copies. Before you book anything look online for reviews and do some research.

Do not over plan though! you don’t want to know all the nice little surprises or have the place you’re visiting hyped up so much that when you turn up its nothing like you imagined. Be flexible with your dates, transport, accommodation and you can save yourself money and stress. When booking your holiday try see if you can get any bonuses like fast track entry on the plane or a free upgrade. Sometimes being extra nice to your travel agent might be the thing that got you the upgrade. Also with that in mind – make sure your travel agent knows your name and you’re not just another booking/email in their busy schedule!

Bring portable chargers and travel adapters! this will save your life especially if you’re flights delayed. Oh and if there is a few of you bring an extension cable/4 bar! You don’t want to not have to charge your phone because someone needs the socket to use the hair dryer.

Chat to locals! – Communicate with local people will help give you a sense of what the place is like and you’ll also get access to useful information too! they can advise you on what to do, wheres good to go and maybe where you should avoid. This will certainly help you avoid tourist traps!

Don’t be afraid to go and explore on your own though, leave behind the crowd and do things yourself. Sometimes trips are ruined by groups of people in my experience. The thrill and stress of trying to find somewhere in a foreign country on your own all adds to the experience. I mean don’t you think its just a little bit more special finding something on your own than finding it with a group of people taking pictures and selfies.

Just don’t sweat the small stuff! if the room isn’t perfect just put up with it.. are the locals being a bit rude to the tourists – just brush it off! and remember you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a good time! If you’re having a bad day take a break from whatever is stressing you out and try push forward – you’re not there long.

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How to make the airport more enjoyable

The airport is a funny one, sometimes its fine and you don’t actually mind it then sometimes its an absolute nightmare. When it goes bad it seems to really go bad and one thing happens after another. Whether thats parking nightmares, transfers being late, security are being nuisances, the lines are longer than you would like them to be, your flight gets delayed or the worst your case is too heavy and you need to get rid of some stuff or pay extra fees are just some of the things that can go wrong.

I remember when going to the airport was an adventure, full of new sights, sounds, smells that i didn’t experience much. Watching the planes take off or seeing the armed police walk about. Heck, even going through security was fun whereas now that is the part I dread the most. Just the whole experience about it makes you feel guilty and you’re worrying that you’ll be the one thats randomly selected or if the machine beeps.

So how can you your airport experience a fun and enjoyable one? or at least minimise the stress and boringness of it all. First thing to do if you want to have fun is go in with the right mindset. Try to convince yourself that the airport isn’t a horrible experience!

Next really consider what you wear for your trip to the airport. Try not wear things with zips that will make the machine bleep or laces on your shoes… but you also should nice, confident and smart… Keeping in mind you will want to be as comfortable as you possibly can.


Check in and security! don’t let these ruin your day.

Before you even leave the house know your airlines baggage/fees/checkin policies! and always plan for the worst case scenario. Sometimes you can be charged for being over weight or charged for not checking in before the airport. I was hit with a 32 euro fine in ibiza because i chose the early checkin method and then tried to checkin at the airport. I wasn’t happy! Some airlines let you go over weight in one bag if you ahve another bag with spare allowance. So if you have two bags on with 20kg each but one bag is 24kg and the other is 16k you will be fine. Others would charge you something like £10 per kg over.

You should also go in knowing your rights. Have a look online at what your air travel rights are – theres plenty of blogs about them!.

Be ready for airport security and have your ID and boarding passes ready. Remove your belts, shoes, jacket and put everything into baskets. Make sure electronics are in one basket and the rest in other ones.

Now with all that hassle over with you’re free to chill for a bit. Now remember this and i guarantee you’ll have a better time. The airport isn’t your enemy – the clock is. If you can find out how to kill the time between now and your flight leaving the runway you’ll be good to go!

Check out some of the free apps out there that can help you in the airport – Loungebuddy and Skytrax are good ones.


Why is travelling good for you?


Traveling is easier than you think. People often get stressed when they go travelling, some people don’t even get a chance to go travelling but everyone should be able to travel and explore this beautiful plan with ease. Its important for everyone to see whats out there!

Here is why traveling is important:-

  1. It will open your eyes! if you’re willing to see and explore new things travel will make you a better human all round!
  2. Traveling helps you find yourself. You’ll get plenty of time to think and you will probably come across loads of challenges and opportunities in your ways which will help!
  3. Create new relationships! the people you meet abroad and on your travels will be some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. They often become a reason to visit somewhere later on in your travels too!
  4. Learn new skill! – your bound to have to do something new along the way – whether thats learning to use chop sticks or go scuba diving in Tenerife!
  5. Keeps the Mind Sharp – when you go to new environments and experience new things you will build resilience.
  6. Enhances Creativity – This is why a lot of writers travel to different places – they’re looking for inspiration and motivation which u can find in your surroundings. For example JK rowlings harry potter has so many influences from Edinburgh or her train journey from manchester which sparked the idea for the book itself!
  7. Food ideas – Think about all the new meals you can try!
  8. You’ll get lots of good stories to tell, imagine saying something along the lines of “last year in south africa”.. instant party points!
  9. Travel broadens your perspectives!  Watching how other cultures live can free your mind and show you other ways of living
  10. It certainly beats staying at home!



How to Start Your Travel Journal

Writing a travel journey is a great way of making sure you remember amazing moments of your holiday. It can be a great way to trigger memories that you make from your travels. Give it a couple of years and the journal will be a fountain of nostalgia!

Right,  heres some tips to get you started!

Decide what medium you’re going to use

Most people love the idea of writing their stories in a book but if you want to travel it might be better doing it electronically by blogging or vloging. If you need some help getting started blogging you could write how-to blogs and help other travellers plan their journeys.


Once you’ve figured out what medium you want get out there and start travelling. Choose and place on the map and head there and as soon as you’ve left your front door start recording the journey.


Keep this in mind though! don’t just go to the best landmarks or sightseeing places. Spend time actually exploring the local culture, the lifestyle of the people living there… don’t just be a tourist. Explore. Try different foods, talk to the locals, head on a journey and do research about your destination!

What should I write?

Well what you say is really up to you but you need to figure out how you’re writing, is it formal? for fun? are you writing to keep your relatives up to date? the more you write the more you’ll find your style and enjoy what your recording.  Read your post a few times before you put it live! Remember when writing don’t reference stuff in a previous post without giving context.


Stay consistent. When it gets boring keep powering through! do more and more unusual stuff, change mediums! try vloging instead, bring in guests to write with you. Be different.




Vlogging tips from Travel Vloggers!

I love travelling and over the past few years I’ve started to record more and more Vlogs while traveling. Whats a Vlog? Vlog stands for video log, a blog in the form of a video!

Heres my tips to help you vlog more!

1 – Don’t film everything – I completely get that you don’t want to miss a single moment of your trip but doing so will just provide you with hundreds of hours of rubbish footage you don’t need. Those clips aren’t bad, they just probably won’t be what you’re looking for. If you go with the intention of enjoying yourself and whipping out your camera when you have that urge you’re most likely naturally going to take the best clips! You won’t be glued to your camera and will be living in the moment! Not only will you save time, your cameras battery but you’ll have a better experience!

2 – Personally I prefer to record my videos around an activity or place as opposed to doing Daily vlogs. I just think its more interesting and I’m not trying to force content or show you parts of my day that aren’t that great. You end up with a better video in the end!

3 – Everyone gets camera shy at one point but try show as much of you as you can! Get used to recording into the camera when theres other people around! Talk to the camera, give your perspective! Its your trip remember – tell us how it is.

4 – Heres one of the best tips i can give you… get more people in your Vlog! it makes it 10x more interesting and you’ll get some great funny clips too! Ask locals questions, other travellers if they want to join in! you’ll be bound to get a good clip.

5 – Try use the camera to show things from your point of view.. are you looking down at something? move the camera into position. Going diving? get a waterproof case and film underwater.

6 – Use music and edit your video to the music. Casey Neistat does an amazing job of this. Good audio will make your video seem much better! Also watch out for wind and other horrible noises you don’t want in your clips. You could look at an external audio recorder like a zoom and use a wind muff too.

7 – Keep a steady video! you don’t want to be shaky. People stop watching a shaky video or one thats out of focus. Just walk slower or make a conscious effort.

Just try have a great time! enjoy your trip and you’ll end up with some great memories.